Knoke’s Chocolates

Knoke’s Chocolates will be at Sam’s Christmas Village this holiday season!

Just two blocks from the St. Croix River in downtown Hudson, Wisconsin, Knoke’s Chocolate Shop sits ideally located to draw in passing locals and tourists alike. Since 2011, this family-owned business has called the red brick building on Locust Street home, where its handcrafted confections are made in-house, daily, and with love.
Owner Dave Knoke opened Knoke’s in 2000. From the very first time Dave made someone smile with his chocolates, he was hooked. “Instant gratification,” he calls it.

Visit Knoke’s any time of year and you may just find Dave behind the counter with warm greetings and a big smile. While you’re at Knoke’s, you may notice how the place sort of feels like a backdrop in a Christmas movie. The walls are lined with jars of colorful candy, while countertops are brimming with delicious-smelling goodies begging to be explored. Bright-eyed, happy children stream in after school with giddy excitement and parents in tow. It’s a great place to be!

In addition to chocolate and candy, the shop offers a fine selection of house-roasted nuts, gourmet popcorn, ice cream, and gift boxes that range from humble to extravagant. For 18 years, Knoke’s has stood as a place for family and friends to enjoy sweet treats together.

Grab your favorite Knoke’s Chocolates at Sam’s Trading Post this holiday season!!!

Follow Up with Knoke’s ChocolatesWebsite:

220 Locust Street,
Hudson, WI 54016

(715) 381-9866

Vendor Dates @ Sam’s Christmas Village
WKND #1: Nov 29 – Dec 1
WKND #2: Dec 6 – Dec 8
WKND #3: Dec 13 – Dec 15
WKND #4: Dec 20 – Dec 22
WKND #5: Dec 27 – Dec 29
WKND #6: Jan 3 – Jan 5

Vendor Dates
At Sam’s Christmas Village

WEEKEND #1: Nov 29 – Dec 1

WEEKEND #2: Dec 6 – Dec 8

WEEKEND #3: Dec 13 – Dec 15

WEEKEND #4: Dec 20 – Dec 22

WEEKEND #5: Dec 27 – Dec 29

WEEKEND #6: Jan 3 – Jan 5